Light & Shadow

This program pulls together all the different strands of my life. It uses my training as a singer, flute player, sound healer, my love of improvisation, the modes and  medieval music, my ten years with Anonymous 4 plus the different spiritual traditions that I have engaged in over the years. The program is a mixture of chants, prayers and improvisations in a variety of languages. The texts I chose are from different times and places but I feel they relate to each other on a deep level and I have arranged the pieces to reflect this.


Ruth Cunningham founding member of Anonymous 4 does Improvisational music for voice and medieval harp exploring the different qualities of each mode.

Dec 27, 2015 Improvisation with James Kennerly

Artist: Ruth Cunningham

Improvisations created during the Liturgy at St Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church in New York City on Dec 27, 2015 with Ruth Cunningham, voice and James Kennerly, organ

WVIA Radio Interview

Artist: Ruth Cunningham

Radio Interview on WVIA with Erika Funke about my program Light and Shadow

HARC: Inside Chants

Improvised vocal counterpoint over a ground of chants and mantras from many faiths, crafted to move the heart to its innate state of openness, compassion and peace. With piano, medieval harp, tongue drum, flute, guitar and sruti box.

“The pure voices of Ruth and Ana, woven in a musical tapestry of simple melodies and spirited flowing harmonies, are so stunning that the listener's heart cannot escape feelings of peace and deep healing.”
Pat Moffitt Cook–Director of the Open Ear Center

Live Recordings from August 29, 2010

Recorded during the 11:00 mass at St Mary the Virgin
Ruth Cunningham, improvised accompaniment James Kennerley

Sacred Light

Artist: Ruth Cunningham & Diane Stork

Music for healing and massage with harp, flute, cello and ambient voice.

“Ruth Cunningham, Diana Stork and friends have created a calm ray of peace the spirit in SACRED LIGHT. This album brings harmony, gentleness to the mind and calls forth the colorful image of light through sound.”
Don Campbell, author, composer, The Mozart Effect

Invoking the Muse

On Invoking the Muse, Layne Redmond has set up hymns to the nine muses. The effect can be stunning on tracks like "Moon's Lament" with soprano Ruth Cunningham and bansuri flute player Steve Gorn dipping serpentine melodies out of a bed of womens' choral voices, all propelled by the unerring frame drum rhythms of Redmond and Tommy Brunjes.